will the iphone xr get ios 18

Will The iPhone XR Get iOS 18? Get All The Answers Here

People who love Apple products are excited about the upcoming iOS 18, but there’s a big question about whether older iPhones, like the iPhone XR, will be able to use it. Apple often updates its software to make devices better, but not all older phones can get the newest updates. Moreover, the iPhone XR, which came out in 2018, is a well-liked and dependable phone. It does a good job with its performance and features. But, as technology gets better and iOS changes, older phones may not be able to use the newest updates. Apple usually thinks about things like how strong the phone is and how well it works when deciding if it can get the latest iOS version.

apple's track record

As we know, iOS 18 is expected to be the next significant software update. It seems like Apple will focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence), a topic that has been talked about a lot recently by companies like Google, ChatGPT, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. In this article, we’ll share everything we know about iOS 18, including when it might come out, what features it might have, and which iPhones are expected to work with it.

Apple’s Track Record:

Apple is known for giving updates to many devices, even ones that are a bit old. But as time goes on and new features need more power, older devices might not be able to handle them. Since the iPhone XR is still quite new, there’s a chance it might be able to get the iOS 18 update.

iOS 18 Release Date:

iOS 18 is expected to come to your iPhone around September 2024, along with the new iPhone (iPhone 16). However, before the official release, there will be early versions called beta versions. The first one, for developers, will likely be available right after Apple’s WWDC 24 event. It is how Apple usually does it with new iOS releases.

After the developer beta, there will be a public beta. It’s a bit more stable and has fewer bugs. This one should also come out about a month later. While we can’t be certain, we think WWDC 24 will happen in early June. That’s when Apple usually hosts its developer summits. So, that’s when we can expect to hear more about iOS 18.

iOS 18 Compatible Devices:

When we talk about which iPhones can get iOS 18, we are sure about most of them. Usually, all iPhones from the iPhone 11 series and newer can get iOS 18. But when it comes to the older ones, it’s a bit unclear. The iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max might not be included in the list of supported devices. However, Apple sometimes surprises us by supporting some older iPhones for more than the usual five years.

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In addition, it’s interesting to think about how Apple might respond to Google’s recent promise of providing seven years of software support for the Pixel 8 series. If Apple adopts a similar policy for the iPhone, it could have a big impact on the whole industry, making other manufacturers also give long-lasting support to their devices.

iOS 18 New Features:

Knowing details about software features before Apple’s official announcement is rare, especially for iOS 18. More information usually comes out about new phones than about the software they run. Even though there’s some talk, it’s not as much as what we hear about the latest phones and their features. However, there’s a rumor going around that iOS 18 will focus a lot on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It means the most popular apps on your iPhone might get new features powered by AI.

ios 18 new features

Some experts think Apple is a bit behind other companies like Google in AI so we might see big improvements with iOS 18. Additionally, an analyst named Jeff Pu believes that iOS 18 will be a big step for Apple in AI. He says Apple is also investing a lot in AI servers, and they plan to build even more in 2024. These servers will be like the backbone supporting the big push for AI features in iOS 18. When people hear about AI and the iPhone, they usually think of Siri, Apple’s smart assistant. Right now, Siri might not be as smart as some other smart assistants.

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Hopefully, with the focus on AI in iOS 18, Siri will get a major upgrade and become a more useful tool. There’s also a rumor that Apple is spending a lot to train its in-house LLMs (Large Language Models) called Ajax internally. These could be used to make Siri even better. Some sources close to Apple say that Apple’s Ajax GPT language model might be doing as well as ChatGPT 3.5, showing that Apple is making big strides in having a better AI system.

Hardware Specifications:

The iPhone XR has a powerful A12 Bionic chip, but it’s not as new as the A15 Bionic chip in the latest iPhones. Apple looks at how strong the chip and other parts of the phone are when deciding if it can use the latest software.

Performance Optimization:

iOS updates make your phone better, but Apple also wants to make sure it runs smoothly. If the iPhone XR can handle the new iOS 18 without slowing down or having problems, it might be able to get the update.

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User Base & Market Presence:

Lots of people use the iPhone XR, and Apple usually helps devices that many people still use. Since the iPhone XR is so popular, Apple might want to let it use iOS 18.

ios 18 user base & market presence


Even though Apple hasn’t officially announced if the iPhone XR will get iOS 18, people are hopeful. The phone is still pretty new, and it’s strong, so there’s a chance it might get the new software. Furthermore, Apple usually wants its users to have a good experience, so those who use the iPhone XR are waiting to see if they can enjoy the new features of iOS 18. As iOS 18 approaches its release, iPhone XR users will be watching Apple’s announcements to determine if their favorite device will be included in the latest iOS adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the iPhone XR get iOS 18?
As of now, there’s no official confirmation from Apple about iOS 18 compatibility for the iPhone XR.

When is iOS 18 expected to be released?
The exact release date for iOS 18 is not confirmed yet. Apple usually announces new iOS versions during their annual events.

Why might the iPhone XR not get iOS 18?
Older devices may face limitations as new features require more processing power. Apple considers hardware capabilities when deciding on software compatibility.

Does the popularity of the iPhone XR increase its chances of getting iOS 18?
Yes, Apple tends to support widely used devices. Considering the iPhone XR’s popularity, there is optimism that it might be included in the list of compatible devices.

Can I do anything to prepare my iPhone XR for iOS 18?
Keep your device updated with the latest iOS version available. However, ensure that your iPhone XR has sufficient storage space for the update when iOS 18 is released.

What features might iOS 18 bring to the iPhone XR?
Until Apple officially announces iOS 18 features. However, new iOS versions typically bring improvements, new functionalities, and enhanced user experiences.

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