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iPhone 16 is being built with AI in mind with a surprise Neural Engine update iOS 18

The upcoming iPhone 16 is making waves in the tech world as reports suggest that it is being built with AI in mind, and will feature a surprise Neural Engine update with the anticipated iOS 18. This reported upgrade could potentially be major news for Siri’s AI capabilities. Amidst rumors of significant upgrades to Siri through new AI tools in iOS 18 Beta, it seems that Apple is gearing up to enhance the iPhone’s internal technology to make it smarter. A recent report from Taiwan indicates that the iPhone 16 will embrace generative AI with a new Neural Engine housing “significantly” more cores, although the specific number of cores has not been disclosed.


Since the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, the Neural Engine has featured 12 cores. The latest report also aligns with previous speculations that the iPhone 16 and other Apple devices will utilize new chips such as the A18 and M4, each with a heightened focus on more powerful Neural Engines.

What Does It Mean For The Consumer?

For consumers, this development holds promising implications. The Apple Neural Engine (ANE) is a highly efficient processor that utilizes AI for tasks like language processing and on-device image analysis. It plays a crucial role in enabling features such as searching for specific images in the Photos library, Face ID unlocking, Animoji, augmented reality, and advanced image processing techniques like Deep Fusion.

The efficiency of the included cores allows them to handle complex data and calculations while remaining relatively cool, whether actively engaged or running in the background. If the reports regarding additional cores in the new Neural Engine are accurate, it could significantly enhance Apple’s AI capabilities. The forthcoming iOS 18 is expected to greatly improve the functionality of Siri and provide a boost for Spotlight.

It’s important to note that while Apple is investing in AI-based language models, it remains cautious about generative options from competitors. The company has even prohibited the use of certain AI models from competitors, citing concerns about the potential for these algorithms to learn sensitive company information.

what does it mean for the consumer

As anticipation builds for the release of the iPhone 16 and iOS 18, the integration of advanced AI technology into Apple’s devices is poised to bring about exciting advancements in user experience and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the iPhone 16 be released?

The iPhone 16 release date has not been officially announced by Apple yet. But The iPhone 16 is expected to launch in September 2024.

What are the expected features of the iPhone 16?

he iPhone 16 is expected to come with advanced technology including 5G connectivity, improved camera capabilities, faster processor, enhanced display, and possibly new design elements.

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