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iPhone 16 Camera – Are You Ready to Capture Stunning Moments?

Apple might bring the tetraprism camera with 5x zoom from the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. This info comes from a Taiwanese research firm called TrendForce. TrendForce mainly talks about the smartphone camera lens market in their press release, but they did mention these possible changes. They said: “After the successful launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its special Tetraprism telephoto zoom lens, more phones might start using similar periscopic lens modules. Apple plans to include this advanced hardware upgrade in the iPhone 16 Pro, so more people can use it in the Pro series.”

iPhone 16 Camera

We’ve heard about possibly adding this feature to the iPhone 16 Pro Max. It was mentioned by Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as far back as October last year. He said that Largan, the company that makes the photography hardware, will do well in 2024 because “two iPhone 16 Pro models will use tetraprism lenses.”

Adding the tetraprism lens would be an excellent upgrade for the next iPhones. In our review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we liked the camera and the explicit pictures it took at 5x zoom, even though it’s not as powerful as the Galaxy S24 Ultra in zooming.

Besides the camera, the following iPhone Pro models have other exciting things to look forward to. These include new AI features, Design rumors of a bigger 6.3-inch screen, and better OLED materials for improved screen quality.

We don’t have any official confirmation yet about the new camera options for the iPhone 16 series, but it is a good possibility. You can keep up with the latest rumors and leaks about the iPhone 16 Pro on our iPhone 16 Pro hub.

Apple Testing Slim Camera Bump Design for Base Model iPhone 16

In recent months, Apple has tried different camera bump designs for the standard iPhone 16 models. They initially had three prototype designs but have now changed their focus.

The latest prototype features a vertical camera setup with a pill-shaped raised surface. It includes separate camera rings for the Wide and Ultrawide cameras, taking inspiration from earlier designs. The flash and camera lenses remain in the same position.

These findings align with schematics that Majin Bu leaked on the social media site X, which also show the updated design.

This new camera design is reminiscent of older iPhone models like the iPhone X, which also had a pill-shaped camera. The vertical camera layout suggests that Apple may introduce Spatial Video recording to the base iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models.


Locked Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums

The iOS 17 Photos app’s “Hidden” and “Recently Deleted” albums under Utilities are protected with Face ID or Touch ID. They can’t be accessed without biometric authentication or a passcode.

Duplicates Detection

In iOS 17, your iPhone will find any duplicate pictures you have in your Photos app. These duplicates will also appear in a unique ” Duplicates ” album under Utilities in Photos. You can then combine them to free up space and keep things organized. Moreover Apple also introducing iOS 18 in upcoming months.

Furthermore, the Duplicates album appears only when you have duplicate photos in your library. The innovative merging feature retains the highest quality and most metadata, resulting in the best image possible.

For instance, if you have one high-quality photo and another with more information, the Photos app will blend the best parts of both into one picture.

After you’ve updated to iOS 17, your iPhone will keep looking for duplicates. It might find more copies later, not just after the update.

Copy and Paste Edits

If you want to edit several photos in the same way, or if you’ve edited one photo and want to apply the same changes to another, you can use the new copy-and-paste editing tools in iOS 16.

To use this feature, edit an image and tap the three dots icon in the top right corner. Next, tap “Copy Edits” to copy all the changes made to the picture. Then, open another photo, tap on the three dots icon again, and select “Paste Edits” to apply the same adjustments.

Undo and Redo Edits

In iOS 16, editing photos is easier because it now has undo and redo buttons. These buttons were not available in earlier iOS versions. With these buttons, you can undo changes you’ve made to photos one at a time instead of canceling all the edits and starting over from the beginning.

You’ll also find the undo and redo buttons in the top left corner of the photo editing screen. They appear after you’ve made changes to a photo using the editing tools in the Photos app. With these buttons, you can undo or redo each change one at a time, making fixing mistakes faster.

People Album Sorting

In a slight yet significant update, Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 16 that allows you to sort the People album by name. Open the People album and tap the two arrow keys to switch from “Custom Order” to “Name.” Choosing “Name” will organize the people in the album alphabetically.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

IOS 16 has a new feature called iCloud Shared Photo Library. It works like the regular iCloud Photo Library, but you can share it with up to five others.

There’s much to learn about iCloud Shared Photo Library, so we made a unique guide to help you. It explains how to set up and use the feature with your family and friends.

Lift Subject From Background

Even though it’s not part of the Photos app, lifting subjects from the background is a fantastic new feature in iOS 17. It’s like having a mini version of Photoshop. You can also separate the subject from any image or photo.

However, to use this feature in the Photos app, open an image and press down on the main subject until it’s highlighted. Then, you can also drag it out or select “copy” to copy it. In addition, you can paste it into another photo or send it as a Message sticker.

Memory Updates

If you’re watching a video in memory, tap to start the video over and play it from the beginning while the music keeps playing. There are also new memory themes for “This Day in History” and kids playing.

ios 18 memory updates

Featured Content Toggle

In iOS 17, a switch lets you stop Featured Photos and Memories from appearing in the For You section, Photos Search, and Widgets.


Translate Camera

To change the words into easier ones, open the Camera app and aim it at the text you want to change. Press the button to choose the text, then tap translate for a quick change.

To simplify, You can also stop the view to see translations on top of the text. This allows you to zoom in for a better look. However, it’s like the Translate camera feature in the Google Translate app, which has been around for a while. This is handy when you need a fast translation without taking a picture.

Improved Quality for Cinematic Mode

In the iPhone 13 models, the Cinematic mode for recording videos works better in iOS 18. It creates a more realistic blur around the subject’s profile, especially hair and glasses.


In conclusion, Apple may bring the tetraprism camera with 5x zoom to the iPhone 16 Pro models based on insights from TrendForce. This upgrade could significantly boost camera capabilities. Additionally, rumors suggest new AI features, a larger screen, and better OLED materials for the iPhone 16 Pro.

While not confirmed, Apple reportedly tests various camera designs for the base iPhone 16 models. iOS 17 also introduces enhancements to the Photos app, including protected albums and editing tools, aiming to improve user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will be new in iPhone 16?

Ans: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 series is anticipated to debut in Fall 2024. It’s expected to feature a faster processor, larger displays for the ‘Pro’ models, and enhanced AI capabilities. Apple may also introduce five models in the iPhone 16 series this year.

Q: How many pixels is the iPhone 16 camera?

  • SCREEN SIZE6.1-inch, 2556 x 1179 pixels.
  • RAMN/AApple A17 Pro.
  • BATTERY20 hours video playback, 80 hours audio playback.

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