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iPadOS 18: Rumors, Features, Release Date, Compatibility, More

Apple has a history of releasing software updates, so iPadOS 18 is likely to be available to users very soon. Meanwhile, June 2021 saw the release of iPadOS 15, while late October 2022 saw the release of iPadOS 16. Therefore, Apple may release the iPadOS 18 very soon with iOS 18 and with many updated features and tools.
In addition, every iPad in Apple’s system should be able to run iPadOS 18. However, some older models may not be supported. When Apple formally releases the update, it must check which devices are compatible so that we can learn more about its features and digital presence. Meanwhile, All of Apple’s devices will eventually lose software support.

ios 18 AI Integration

Older iPad models may need help to handle the most recent OS upgrade due to the possibility of powerful new AI functions in the most recent iPadOS. According to the speculations, this may affect iPads with the A10X Fusion CPU and any model that came before it, such as the A10 Fusion chip. So greatly, every new model of iPad will support the new technology, and AI functions to stay stable and maintain its worth.

iPadOS 18: Everything We’re Expecting

It depends on how significant the iPadOS 18 modifications are to enhance the creativity of the model.

AI Integration

Apple is widely speculated to incorporate AI elements into the most recent iPadOS. However, it is not surprising that many mobile device makers are incorporating AI features into their latest gadgets. In February 2024, rumors speculated that Apple was investing in artificial intelligence and that “details of ongoing work in that space later this year” would be shared. Beyond the iPad’s comprehensive AI integration, there are suggestions that Apple may incorporate AI capabilities into well-known apps like Apple Music and iMessage that would be compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone.

Upgrades For Siri

Regarding AI, the most noteworthy development is the update to Siri. It will compete with chatbots like ChatGPT and other significantly better AI helpers. Furthermore, The upcoming update will make Siri more conversational by utilizing large language models for natural language processing. Enhancements in the iPad’s model system might also be observed in the deep sight and quality of the AI assistant’s query responses.

  1. Several Apple AI capabilities anticipated for iOS 18 might be included in iPadOS 18.
  2. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg agrees with The Information that generative AI will play a significant role in the system.

iPadOS 18 will have some beneficiary features like

  • Auto-completion and auto-summarizing for productivity applications and essential programs such as Pages and Keynote.
  • Some codes in iOS 18 indicate the feature of auto-tuning and summarising with the detection of data.
  • It will Improve Apple Music playlist building with smart gadgets.
  • A new version of Xcode for developers that will help feature code completion
  • Tools from AppleCare to support staff members in troubleshooting issues for clients

Journal Application

The much looking new Journal app was released for iOS last year via iOS17. But unfortunately, it never made it to the iPad. Meanwhile, the next OS upgrade is anticipated to include the Journal app’s eventual tablet debut. Furthermore, The Journal app is perfect for recording emotions and special occurrences. It would look amazing on the larger screen of the iPadOS 18. However, it will perform differently with different kinds of tasks.

Calculator Disclosure

PadOS 18 will come with an integrated calculator app for all iPad models that can run the software upgrade. Furthermore, The software update is anticipated to be released at Apple’s annual developers conference, WWDC, opening address.
The calculator is the most useful tool that needs to be built into iPads’ large screens. Meanwhile, iPad users will have to make do with third-party calculator apps like PCalc and Calcbot from the App Store. Some updated rumors claim that Apple’s Calculator app will be available on all iPad models compatible with this upcoming software upgrade.

Furthermore, iPadOS 18 is anticipated to release its first beta after the WWDC keynote. However, The update is scheduled for general release in September.

Update For The Freeform App

IOS Rumors claims that Apple is getting ready to release an update for the Freeform app. According to the new update, iPadOS 18 will include a new feature called “Freeform Scenes” that will facilitate board navigation. Users will be able to choose, modify, label, and collaborate on scenarios.
Meanwhile, The zoom controls will be close to the Freeform Scenes UI. It will show separate arrow symbols for scene switching in a new sandwich bar. Even keyboard shortcuts are being prepared by Apple for this capability, and they consist of:

update for the freeform app
  • Shift + Command + S to save
  • Scene 2: [Option + Command +]
  • Scene Previous: Command + Option + [

iPadOS 18 Release Date

Apple revealed that June 10 will be the date of WWDC 2024. However, it indicates that on that day, Apple will provide users with a preview and the first beta of iPadOS 18. Customers can access an iPad operating system public beta in July. iPadOS 18.0 is expected to be officially released in the fall, around the time of the iPhone 16’s launch.


iPadOS 18 is an important turning point in the development of the technology. With an abundance of new features, stronger security, and better performance, iPadOS 18 opens up a world of possibilities for consumers everywhere. With iPadOS 18, you can embrace the iPad’s future now. Furthermore, Greater multitasking, a redesigned user interface, a new journal app, a calculator step, and a smooth transition to macOS make iPadOS 18 an engaging user experience. It fosters creativity and productivity.

Apple keeps refining and improving iPadOS with frequent updates and a dedication to customer feedback. It makes sure that consumers can get the most out of their iPad devices both now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What New Features In iPadOS 18 Are Coming?
With iPadOS 18, Apple intends to release a calculator app that is integrated into the device. With “universal” compatibility for the iPhone, iPad, and macOS, the software will have a consistent appearance and functionality on all three platforms.

Is iPadOS 18 Compatible With Older iPad Models?
Yes, a variety of iPad devices, even older ones like the iPad Air and iPad mini, are compatible with iPadOS 18. Meanwhile, they can compete with features and some closure updates. However, Technology and system changes can be relevant.

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