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iOS 18 Features: ‎How Apple Can Close The AI Gap With Google

IOS 18 is the most significant software update in iPhone history and is set to make a splash in 2024. This update sets to redefine the iPhone experience, making it a must-watch for all technology enthusiasts. Apple’s iPhone software updates are always exciting. With the anticipation of more AI incorporation in the next iOS 18 software upgrade, the potential of iOS 18 is truly intriguing.

ios 18 design modifications

Furthermore, Apple leads the way with newly developed technologies. For instance, it has yet to introduce a foldable phone. However, iOS 18 might offer a sneak peek at Apple’s approach to generative AI. It highlights the technology’s quick and broad impact.

Top Features in iOS 18 that We Can’t Miss

IOS 18, Apple’s latest mobile operating system update, enhances user experience. From boosting privacy safeguards to introducing cutting-edge accessibility options and productivity enhancements, iOS 18 is a testament to Apple’s commitment to its users.

iPadOS 18 Release Date: Unveiling When iPadOS 18 Coming Out?

Design Modifications

iOS 18 will be revamped to mirror VisionOS. Meanwhile, iOS will likely adopt a partial overhaul. Instead, it may borrow some design ideas from VisionOS.

Revamping The Home Screen

  • iOS 18 is anticipated to include a more customizable Home Screen. Furthermore, it is offering iPhone owners additional choices for how their devices will appear.
  • Apple intends to provide users with additional customization options for the arrangement of their program icons.
  • For organizational reasons, app icons are expected to stay tied to an invisible grid.
  • However, the upgrade may include the ability to make rows and columns of blank space between app icons.

The VisionOS will influence iOS 18, known for its circular icons and transparent user interface that melds in perfectly with the rest of the operating system. If this is accurate, it should anticipate features like circular icons and a transparent user interface. Meanwhile it melds in perfectly with the rest of the operating system. A redesigned control center may finally appear, and the upgrade is also rumored to include more customization options.

Though iOS has consistently had square-shaped icons since iOS 1, it will be interesting to observe whether the firm decides to go to circular icons in keeping with the VisionOS design philosophy. These design changes could significantly enhance the visual appeal and user experience of iOS 18.

Maps On Apple

The Apple Maps app in iOS 18 is expected to have several new features. These include improved navigation with real-time traffic updates. In addition, it will enhance 3D mapping for a more immersive experience and ability. These new features are designed to make your journeys easier and more enjoyable.

Apple Maps users can enter their routes instead of being restricted to the pre-selected choices Apple offers. Besides, Users might create custom routes and choose the roads they want to go based on their familiarity with a route or for beautiful views.

Watches 10 Maps Application

With iOS 18, Apple can potentially port the watchOS ten topographic map functionality to the iPhone. Furthermore, Topographic maps include trails, contour lines, elevation, points of interest, and other elements useful for hiking and other outdoor activities.

RCS For Better Texting With Android Users

Apple will adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard “later in 2024” as a replacement for SMS/MMS. For iPhone-to-iPhone discussions, iMessage isn’t going away, but RCS will improve iPhone-to-Android conversations in a number of ways.

With RCS, sending images and videos to Android users from an iPhone will no longer be an issue, and group chats will function more smoothly. Additional features like read receipts, real-time typing indicators, and cross-platform emoji reactions will also be available. These enhancements in iPhone-to-Android communication are designed to make conversations more seamless and enjoyable, significantly improving the user experience.

  • Support for movies and images with better resolutions.
  • Support for file sharing and bigger file sizes.
  • Audio communications.
  • Emoji replies across platforms.
  • Indicators for typing in real-time.
  • Examine the receipts.
  • The option to send messages over Wi-Fi or cellular (SMS is limited to cellular).


Apple is developing new accessibility features for iOS 18 and macOS 15. Meanwhile, Users can build a custom phrase using the Adaptive Voice Shortcuts features. Then, they can link to that phrase by selecting an accessibility setting. The accessibility option becomes active upon speaking the phrase. Users will be able to toggle accessibility features such as Zoom, VoiceOver, Voice Control, and more. Custom phrases can be arranged using Live Speech’s new feature that allows users to define their categories.


An upcoming update to the Freeform app will include a “Scenes” feature that will enable users to pick individual boards or Scenes for easier browsing. In addition, A new Scenes UI will make scenes available, allowing users to switch between previously saved scenes. These new features in the Freeform app are designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to browse and manage your boards and scenes.

Airpod Pro Hearing Aid

Apple is considering adding a new feature to the AirPods with the iOS 18 update, which turns AirPods Pro into “hearing aids.” This feature is likely an improved version of the currently available Conversation Boost feature, which increases the volume to increase the loudness of the audio. However, Apple AirPods are well-known for their audio performance and noise cancellation. These potential new features in the AirPods with the iOS 18 update, such as enhanced noise cancellation and audio performance, are designed to enhance your audio experience and make it easier to hear in noisy environments.

An AI Enhancement For Siri

Apple is reportedly planning to include a lot of AI in iOS 18, and Siri is likely to be one of the primary beneficiaries of this. With these AI enhancements, Siri could become more conversational, better at understanding context, and more proactive in providing information and assistance. These improvements to Siri enable more organic, smooth communication in addition to far more sophisticated functions than just Googling and turning on your smart lights, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Improved Privacy Functionalities

improved privacy functionalities

App Privacy Report

One of iOS 18’s most notable innovations is the App Privacy Report. This feature offers users comprehensive insights into how apps are accessing their data, helping them easily monitor app behavior and make educated privacy decisions.

Mail Privacy Protection

It is another feature of iOS 18 that stops senders from tracking email openings and gathering information without permission. With this feature, users have more control over their personal information and an additional layer of privacy added to their email experience.

Revamped Messages App

Collapsible Threads

Collapsible threads in the Messages app on iOS 18 let users arrange their chats more effectively. This feature makes long message threads easier to navigate and reduces clutter.

Pinpointing Messages

With iOS 18, users may now quickly retrieve critical messages by pinning them to the top of their inbox. Meanwhile, This function ensures that important messages are constantly accessible, improving communication effectiveness.

Redesigned Safari Browser

With iOS 18, Safari offers Tab Groups, which lets users group their tabs for more convenient browsing. Meanwhile, This function allows users to browse the web more efficiently and maintain organization. Another potential change in Safari could be a redesigned user interface, making it easier and more enjoyable to browse the web. These changes in Safari are designed to enhance your browsing experience and make it easier to find and manage your tabs.


iOS 18 brings a plethora of cutting-edge features and improvements that greatly improve the user experience. In addition, iOS 18 meets a variety of user needs with enhanced privacy protections, enhanced accessibility options, redesigned messaging capabilities, and productivity enhancements.

Furthermore, Apple’s dedication to customer privacy and security and the release of features like Mail Privacy Protection and App Privacy Report. Additionally, iOS devices are more inclusive and accessible to all users. The advancements made to accessibility features like Sound Actions and AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch.

A more seamless and pleasurable user experience is made possible by improvements to the performance of the Safari browser, the new Messages app, and Tab Groups.

The addition of augmented reality and HomeKit, the updating of Health and Fitness features, and the extension of Siri’s capabilities further increase the utility and adaptability of iOS devices. With iOS 18, Apple keeps pushing the envelope of innovation by providing customers with a powerful and intuitive operating system that enables them to get more out of their devices.

IOS 18 is a major turning point in Apple’s continued history of providing cutting-edge products that improve people’s lives all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What New Privacy Features Does iOS 18 Offer?

iOS 18 offers several new privacy features, such as improved tracking prevention, Mail Privacy Protection, and App Privacy Report. These features enhance overall security and privacy while giving users more control over their personal information.

Will iOS 18 Improve The Performance Of The Device?

The performance improvements in iOS 18 could make the device faster and more responsive. However, variables like device model and usage may affect the extent of the improvement.

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