Apple has a habit of making amazing things that change the future. People are saying that in 2024, Apple might have a really big year with lots of new stuff. They might release new gadgets like the Vision Pro, and also update their main products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It looks like Apple is going to do some exciting things in the coming year. This new gadget, maybe iOS 18, will have more features than its previous models. In this article, we will explore the IOS 18 and also discuss the new features that will make it outstanding for its users.

iOS 18 Features

iOS 18 Overview:

We still have a few months before Apple reveals the new iOS 18 operating system in June 2024 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. However, we’re already hearing about some cool updates that are expected. Because more people are interested in smart computer programs like ChatGPT, Apple is planning to make big improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) for its iOS 18 operating system. It means many apps and features might get better with AI and machine learning.

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Apple is also working on using advanced computer models for better in-app features. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, iOS 18 could be a very important update with new and improved features, but we don’t know all the details yet. Furthermore, Apple’s team has called iOS 18 “ambitious and compelling.” When iOS 18 comes out, there will also be an iPad version called iPadOS 18, designed to work well on the bigger screens of Apple’s tablets.

Generative AI Features:

Apple is trying hard to catch up with other companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and OpenAI, who are already ahead in the field of smart computer programs (AI). It is spending over $1 billion each year on research for AI and the powerful computers needed to use big language models. Moreover, Apple is thinking about using smart computer programs (AI) in many ways in the upcoming iOS 18. It could make the built-in apps on your iPhone better and iOS 18 beta available now.

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For example, in Apple Music, you might get playlists made automatically, and in apps like Pages and Keynote, the AI could help you write or create presentations. Additionally, the fanciest AI features might work best on the newer iPhone 16 models because they have more powerful chips. If certain AI things need to be processed right on the phone, they might only work on the iPhone 16.

However, Apple is still deciding if they want to do all the smart stuff on the phone itself or use the internet (cloud) for some of it. Using the phone is more secure, and Apple likes to make sure things are really safe. They might end up doing a bit of both, with some things happening on the internet and some staying just on your phone.

Moreover, Apple is making special computers for smart programs (AI) in 2023 and 2024. They also plan to use these computers to add cool AI features to your iPhone around September 2024, when they release iOS 18. Even though Apple is working a lot on adding new things, the people in charge at Apple are making sure everything works well. In November, they stopped working on new stuff for iOS 18 for a week to fix any problems (bugs) they found.

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Other iOS Features:

iOS 18 updates

1. Siri

In the next iPhone update, iOS 18, Siri is going to get smarter with the help of better computer programs (AI) from Apple. Someone who shares early information (leaker) mentioned that Apple also wants to use something called large-language models (LLMs) to make Siri a super-duper virtual assistant completely.

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LLMs are what makes programs like ChatGPT so good. In addition, they use a lot of information and special rules to understand and talk to you better. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says that Apple is working on making Siri better at talking with the Messages app. It means Siri might be able to finish your sentences better and answer difficult questions.

Another thing mentioned is that Siri will work more closely with the Shortcuts app. It would also allow you to tell Siri to do a bunch of things at once. For example, Siri might take five pictures, turn them into a GIF, and send it to someone, all with just one command.

2. Security and Privacy:

Apple really cares about keeping your information safe, and they’re going to make it even better in iOS 18. As technology gets more advanced, there are new risks, so Apple is probably going to add more protections to make sure your data is secure and that your digital world is safe.

3. Swift Advancements in App Development:

iOS 18 will probably make Swift, Apple’s special language for making apps, even better. Swift is important because it makes it easier and faster for people to create apps. Apple keeps improving Swift with each update, giving developers better tools to make creative and high-quality apps.

4. RCS For Better Texting With Android Users:

In the later part of 2024, Apple plans to use a new standard called Rich Communication Services (RCS) instead of the usual SMS/MMS for certain messages. Don’t worry. IMessage will still be there for iPhone users talking to other iPhones. But, with RCS, chatting between iPhones and Androids will be improved. 

You won’t have problems sending pictures and videos from an iPhone to an Android, and group chats will work better. Additionally, they’ll add some cool features like using emojis, showing when someone reads a message, and letting you see when someone is typing in real time.

Improved Messaging Features:

  • Send higher-quality photos and videos
  • Share larger files
  • Send audio messages

Enhanced Message Interactions:

  • React to messages with emojis
  • See when someone is typing
  • Receive read receipts

Better Group Chats:

  • Improved performance in group chats

Wi-Fi Messaging:

  • Send messages using Wi-Fi without extra cost.

Timeline for Changes:

  • Expected to happen later in 2024
  • Likely after the release of iOS 18th

Sideloading Support:

Before iOS 17 was released, there were rumors that Apple might let people in Europe install apps in a different way called sideloading. It was because of rules from the European Union. However, it didn’t happen with 17, so it might happen with the next update, iOS 18. We still have some time before iOS 17 is done so that Apple can add sideloading in a later update for iOS 17. 

If it does happen, iPhone users in Europe will be able to install apps from places other than the App Store. However, this change is only for the European Union because their rules say so. Even with sideloading, app developers still need to pay fees to Apple. But now, they can offer apps that don’t have to use Apple’s payment system.


To sum up the whole, we’re excitedly waiting for iOS 18 to be revealed, and there are lots of rumors and guesses about what it will have. It is making Apple fans really excited. Furthermore, iOS 18 might bring some cool things like smarter AI, better ways to talk with others, and improvements in how apps work.

It could also be a big step forward for iPhones and iPads. However, keep an eye out for more news as we get closer to the official announcement of iOS 18 and discover all the exciting things it might bring!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will iOS 18 feature a complete redesign?

Yes, iOS 18 is going to look different. They are planning a big change in how it appears, the first major one since iOS 7.

What is RCS, and how will it change messaging on iPhone?

RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services, makes texting better by adding cool features like sharing high-quality pictures and videos and showing when someone reads your message. It makes communication between iPhones and Androids more enjoyable.

Can I install apps from outside the App Store in iOS 18?

iOS 18 might let you install apps from places other than the App Store. It is called side-loading, and it could begin in the EU.

How is Apple improving AI in iOS 18?

Apple is working to make Siri and other smart features smarter and quicker. They really care about keeping your information safe and private.

Are there any new privacy features in iOS 18?

iOS 18 hasn’t given specific details about privacy features yet. But usually, Apple adds improvements to privacy in its updates.

What major changes can we expect in iOS 18?

iOS 18 is expected to come with big changes:
Siri Improvements: Enhanced with new AI technology for better performance.
Chatbot-like Features: Introduction of features similar to chatbots for more interactive experiences.
RCS Support: Enabling better messaging between iPhones and Androids.

How will iOS 18 affect iPhone-Android communication?

When iOS 18 has RCS support, it will make talking between iPhones and Androids much better. It will also give you a smoother and more interesting messaging experience with lots of features.